Virginia Legislation Changes

The Virginia General Assembly enacted legislation that resulted in significant changes to both the Virginia Property Owners Association Act and the Virginia Condominium Act. These changes went into effect on July 1, 2008. It is now more important than ever that your professional management company is up to date on these changes and is prepared to act accordingly.

The new legislation created a regulatory body called the Common Interest Community Board (CIC Board) comprised of eleven members appointed by the Governor. These members include three common interest community managers, one attorney, one Accountant (CPA), one representative of the time share industry, two real estate developers, a Virginia citizen who is a member of a common interest community association board and two Virginia citizens who are residents of common interest community associations.

The CIC Board has the authority to assess individuals up to $1000 for any violation of newly added Chapter 23.3, Title 54.1 of the Virginia Code, as well as order a cease and desist order to a Board of Directors of a Community Association if it determines the board is in violation of the new laws. You may click above where it says “Chapter 23.3 Title 54.1 of the Virginia Code” for the full legislation or read just the highlights:

“Association” refers to the Community, its owners, Board of Directors and anyone who lives on the property. “Manager” refers to GHA as your management agent, provided you have a legal signed contract with our company. If you are managed by another management agent that is not GHA, then “Manager” refers to that agent in the following.